Down in the Bayou Country of Southern Louisiana, Barry Champagne started noticing all of the different methods that his family and friends would boil their seafood. Everyone had their “secret” techniques to season and cool down their boiling pots. Some would add ice to the pot, which diluted the seasoning. Others would spray the outside of the pot, which wasted resources. They would constantly add ingredients and test the taste to only hope they would get the flavor just right.

Barry thought there should be a more efficient and consistent way to boil seafood that embraces bold flavors without wasting time or resources. That’s how he came up with the idea to combine the seasoning and cooling processes. He began playing with the concept and developed a flavor profile that everyone seemed to love, and then, Spice-N-Ice was born. A growing interest in his technique from fellow Cajuns encouraged Barry and his brother Kevin to put the product into tasting competitions throughout Louisiana and Texas. Not surprisingly, Spice-N-Ice flavoring won the “People’s Choice” Award on multiple occasions.

The Champagne brothers believe that everyone has the right to create the perfect boil, and their next mission is to make Spice-N-Ice available for all.